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Search Engine Optimization

Learn SEO from Hero

The keyword - optimization

Let's start with the fact that there are two main factors affecting the presence of your website in search results:
So far the opinions as to which one is most important have been divided. Howeverbasis for your website positioning is its optimization - everything starts and ends right here.
As the name itself shows - it means adjusting the elements of your website to the requirements of the search engines while maintaining functionality for the user because in the entire process of positioning, it's the users and their behaviour that should be the most important to you.

SEO Hero in practice

The list of basic elements on your website that affect the visibility in the net:

Keywords in the content

Do you expect the presence in the search results for phrases that- in your opinion- will cause (user) traffic? Make sure that these words are included in the content of your website . Google indexes and examines thoroughly the content - this is what mainly influences how robots and algorithms "see" your site,
Do not overdo it in the other direction. Inserting important phrases in every sentence may cause the so-called overoptimization, which would result in the adverse effect.
If in your assumption there are a lot of keywords - it's most important to sort them out, place them on many but not on one subpage and exposing the most significant ones in the text (bold, italic, headers).

Titles and metadata

The presence of keywords in the page title is very important. Here you have to find a compromise between your choice of these words and their usability for the users viewing your page. A well matched title of the webpage appears in the search results and its content determines whether the user will select just your website. it's a bad practice to stuff important phrases at a push.
The description of the page, just like the title, may be found in the results of Google. It is worth smuggling in suitableCTA (Call To Action), Which has got a major influence on CTR (Click Through Rate) - that is the ratio of views of your page to the amount of clicks. Believe me, if wish you had the highest CTR, this is what SEO Hero like the most.


Treat your website like a document with a defined structure. it's the easiest to achieve through appropriate choice of the headers and including your keywords in them. Make sure that the most significant headers highlight the main contents, keep the hierarchy - if you already adjust the headers, don't exclude them from the main page or the subpages.
it's also not about placing only the keywords in the headers. The website is for users, so use full sentences and different forms of the keywords.

The ratio of the content to code

If you believe that a few sentences on each subpage are going to define your site- you are wrong. Working on texts is long and tedious, but brings on incredible results. You need to see to it, especially when your website is full of "fireworks" and graphic content. The ratio of content to the code needs to weight in favour of the former. In addition, I'll give away the secret weapon which SEO Heros use:

Do you want to saturate your website with a bigger number of keywords? Add much more text and you'll decrese the so-called Keyword Density (the density of the keywords in the text). If you think you've added enough text, add twice as much!

Internal links

Use internal links. it's not only about the presence of the menu on your website. it's worth using links to other pages that allow robots to understand what a particular subpage is about and which words the page includes are the most important. Internal linking transmits power (some people call it juice, you can call it what you want) to the other sections of your site, thanks to which you'll ensure the visibility of not just the home page in the search engines.

The working speed of the website

The speed of the site is one of the main ranking factors - so the same as its adjustment for viewing on mobile devices. You do both of these things to take care of the user, so in addition to a couple of extra points in the Google ranking, you'll gain the affection of common mortals. Do you want to check the condition of your site? There you go: Google Speed Test, Mobile Friendly Test.
Thanks to hundreds of training hours in secret bases SEO Heros will help you get the result close to 100/100!

SEO Hero Tips&Tricks

Include Keyword Synonyms in H1 and H2 Tags

Try to apply variations to your keywords and not use exact match ones. Google appreciates variations and you can avoid keyword stuffing in many cases.

Take Advantage of Internal Linking

Internal Links are hyperlinks that point at (target) the same domain as the domain that the link exists on (source).
Use descriptive keywords in anchor text that give a sense of the topic or keywords the source page is trying to target.

Don't waste your time or money!

Entrusting your website to the skilled, you can be sure that another seo-quack will not waste your precious time. Time is money! Building the trust of your website takes a long time - the earlier you start working, the sooner you'll get the first results.

Everybody wants to be a hero...

To Be Seo Hero

But it's not as easy as it seems. Optimization begins with a SEO-audit, which shows what you could improve on your webpage to get a better effect.
However, carrying out an audit, that is performing optimization, requires not only technical knowledge in programming but a good grasp of the most important Content management systems(CMS), with the help of which your webmaster set up your website.

In practice, only the basic changes are easy to introduce. The bumpy road start with more complicated websites, online shops and complex web-based systems. In this case, you need to use shift patterns rather than individual guidelines which, depending on how you load the data on the page, will be displayed optimally.

White or black?

We're coming back to the links mentioned at the beginning. Surely you know the termsBlack Hat Seo and White Hat SEO.
The whole difference is based on an individual interpretation of these concepts and the methods of link acquisition. The boundary between light and darkness faded long ago, when Google announced that it could punish you for each link pointing to your site. Of course it'sabsurd! But it gives a wide leeway to the monopolist which undoubtedly is the largest search engine in the world. There is no rational way to assess the naturalness of the links leading to your site.


Do not let them tell you that White Hat is safe. There are known cases of penalties (lower page rank by Google) for pages positioned in a safe manner. There is no doubt that the links affect the position. The problem is to get them in a way that does not arouse suspicion and simultaneously to make the complete profile of incoming links look as natural as possible.
If you've bought large numers of weak links using SUPER EXTRA CERTAIN 100% SAFE METHODS bought cheaply online - call SEO Hero, if not - call SEO hero! You don't think you need longterm results and your branch is perfect with the techniques from the shady areas? Well... we know a guy who knows a guy...

First steps

Get ready. You're about to see the fight between the good and the evil, the darkness with the light. I'll take you from heaven to hell and back. It requires your involvement cause...

No other person than you will know what you expect from your website

After all, you're not doing this for the sport (or maybe you are?!). Understand that the result is not the first item on a particular keyword.the result is a conversion - that is the action that a user will perform on your website. It doesn't really matter if it's going to be reading your blog, clicking on an advert, completing a form or buying a product.
Your result will be an increase in the conversion per unit of time - and this can only assure you the growth of aware and targeted users.

SEO Checklist

Before you push the red button:

  • You need to know what you want. No one else will design your business,
  • Consider whether you are in a position to make the content and changes on your website,
  • Swap roles with your user- what would you type in if you were looking for a company or website like yours? it's best to ask friends because you may not realize in what different ways people look for information,
  • If you haven't seen your webmaster for a long time, take him out for a drink or candlelight dinner- just renew the relation. You'll need help from someone who can introduce changes in the code and contents. ,
  • Realize that a specialist has knowledge of the user behaviour and the use of large, pink inscriptions on your site will not bring you more fans,
  • it's going to be hard, but find and prepare access to your website and the domain. We can't begin without them.,
  • Add Google Analytics services and Search Console to your website (yes, you'll find everything online)